Everything You Need To Successfully Publish Your Book.

  • The 16 Golden Rules and Secret Weapons of Successful Independent Authors.
  • Choosing low-competition Niches and Categories that will maximize your sales potential, and why the obvious keywords can work against you.
  • Optimizing your book while you write it, ensuring front-page visibility and discoverability on the Amazon Search Engine.
  • The 3 Rules of Stunning Covers, and where to find them for as little as $5 each!
  • Formatting your manuscript for cross-device compatibility on Kindle.
  • Time-saving tricks to launch your e-book and paperback simultaneously.
  • How to write high-impact Product Descriptions to hook eager buyers on your Amazon Sales Pages.
  • Hassle-free uploading to Amazon’s Kindle and Createspace platforms, and avoiding the 3 Big Mistakes that 90% of Independent Authors make.
  • How to prepare and launch your book straight into the massive U.S. Amazon market, where more than 80% of English-Language sales happen.
  • The critical importance of the First 72 Hours, and the steps you need to take to exploit this golden opportunity, completely ignored by most indie Authors!
  • The ‘Synergy of Series’, the super-multiplier effect of linking your books on Kindle.
  • How to stop the IRS from with-holding 30% of your earnings. You’d never discover this yourself, but this knowledge alone will save you more than the cost of the Workshop!

And dozens of other short-cuts and trade-secrets that will give your book the very best chance of success!
You could spend months trying to figure this stuff out for yourself, or spend thousands on so-called ‘Publishing Services’. Alternately, spend just one day equipping yourself with the skills you need, and your book will soon be selling, earning you money, and making a valuable contribution to your business!


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